The city of Taormina was founded by the Greeks who baptized it with the name of Tauromenion, and is one of the major centers of attraction in Sicily for its natural landscapes, marine beauties and historical and cultural heritage.

What see to Taormina

Ancient theater

It is the second largest theater in Sicily after the one in Syracuse. Built in the Greek era, in the 3rd century by Gerone II, to house dramatic and musical works, it was later restored and enlarged by the Romans who used it as an arena for games between gladiators and naval battles.
Today it is used to host various forms of entertainment ranging from theater to concerts, and from opera to ballet.

Isola bella

Also called the “pearl of the Mediterranean”, the island is just a few steps away from Taormina and is known for its beauty and crystal clear sea.

Historic Center

In the historic center you can admire the Duomo, the Porta Messina and the Porta di Catania which are along Corso Umberto I, the main street, the Terme di piazza S.Placido, the Naumachie, and the gardens of the splendid municipal villa.


It is a splendid medieval village overlooking the Ionian coast and situated above Taormina. Declared one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, this village has a charming and fairy-tale charm, in which many houses and ancient buildings in a typically Sicilian style have resisted over time. Of the imposing Norman castle built to defend itself from the Arabs, only the walls remain from which a marvelous landscape can be admired. The village is also famous for wine and almonds and for a rich culinary tradition.